Field Production & Live Streaming

Streambox mobile encoders/decoders are the perfect solution for streaming live events over public IP, wireless networks or the Cloud. Use cases include live news and events or content contribution. Since they are super compact, they can be deployed anywhere, including helicopters! They are available in two different models.

Avenir Mini 5
  • Half-duplex HD encoder/decoder
  • Camera mountable
  • WiFi & Cellular
  • 5 Embedded Modems
  • IFB Support
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Avenir Micro 4
  • Full-duplex HD encoder/decoder
  • WiFi & Cellular
  • LDMP Protocol
  • Live Social Streaming
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Avenir Mini 5

Designed for broadcasters and other media organizations, the Streambox Avenir Mini 5 is a camera-mountable mobile live video encoder. The lightweight encoder provides enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with various network types including cellular and WiFi. The compact, low-power device offers significantly more efficient encoding for HD streaming, and is designed to provide easy integration and outstanding quality.

Field reporter with camera

Live News

Compact form factor and super reliable transport over WiFi or cellular networks. Battery powered allows it to be mounted to a camera or carried in a backpack. LDMP multipath protocol ensures dependable feeds back to the broadcast center, even from a helicopter!


Key Features

ACT-L3 video codec improves video quality at even low data rates

0.5 to 30 Mbps bandwidth

1-4 hour battery life (depending on battery type)

Weighs only 2.2 lbs/ 1.1 kg

Network Bonding all available networks

5 embedded 3G/4G/LTE modems

Built in antennas

Add external antennas for signal acquisition

Up to 2 external USB modems

WiFi and LAN networking

Supports multi-camera sync workflow

LDMP network , latency, and picture quality automation

12 volt and AC adapter universal power

Half Duplex unit, can be used in encoder or decoder mode.

SDI out can be used for reference or further transmission

Multipoint distribution can be done without implementing hardware unit through cloud

Avenir 5

Avenir Micro 4

The Streambox Avenir Micro 4 is a lightweight mobile broadcasting / live video encoder/decoder. Designed for easy integration and outstanding quality, the miniature, low-power device can be used with broadcast cameras, satellite terminals, medical imaging, corporate media systems, and various other video systems, with support for SDI, AV1 and HEVC!

High Powered & Low Priced

A compact, full-duplex HD codec with superb technical specs. CNN has deployed many of these to their field reporters - in fact, CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta came to you live from his home studio during the Covid WFH era, using the Avenir. Since it is full duplex, the talent can send a signal to a broadcast center/affiliate and get back a live monitoring signal from the control room, all on a single, desktop device.


News reporter at desk

Key Features

Half duplex Encoder/Decoder w/ full duplex option

Reduce talk back time w/ ultra low latency -133ms@ 4 frames w/30fps or 66.7 ms@ 4 frames w/60fps excluding network

Bonded Reliable Networking- LDMP can combine Wifi, SNG, IP channels

Supports HD resolutions at 4:2:2

8-Ch audio, upgrade for 16-Ch audio

Multi-camera sync workflow via Chroma HD decoder

IFB Support via Streambox IFB Server

AES 128-bit Encryption, upgrade to 256-bit

12 volt and AC adapter universal power

SDI out can be used for reference or further transmission

One-to-many distribution via Streambox cloud services

Avenir 3

Case Studies


Remote Production

Stream live content from remote locations and keep your production team in-house

Remote Collaboration

Engage with remote collaborators for review sessions without the hassle of travel schedules

Post Production Use Cases

Live Streaming

Reduce the cost and complexity of live events solutions that outperform satellite and microwave

Broadcast Solutions Use Cases