Remote workflow has become the hot topic for post production professionals. A recent Google search for the term ‘post production remote working’ returned an astonishing 437 millions results.

Remote working, from a purely technical perspective, has led the professional video industry to embrace Cloud Computing. Amongst other things, this means rethinking the equipment required to satisfy client demands and remain competitive. The larger challenge, however, will be to rethink the impact on creative collaboration.

The challenge will be to emulate an in-person experience as closely as possible.

I Need it When I Need it!

Spontaneity is an important aspect of creativity. Spending hours trying to configure networks and other daunting IT tasks, especially across multiple locations, is simply impractical and counterproductive.

Streambox Sessions, in conjunction with Streambox Cloud Services, provides an ideal solution to address this critical aspect of remote work. It allows the host to set up a collaborative session and then email an invitation to attendees. They, in turn, simply enter a code into their playout device and connect much the way you would for a Zoom session. Yes, the connection is secure and encrypted!

Cloud computing for post production
Remote Collaboration with Cloud Based Apps and Streaming Encoder

Cloud-Based workflows are proving to be viable alternatives to traditional media workflows across a broad range of activities, including production, content contribution and post production. The benefits are clearly compelling and, in many cases, deliver a level of efficiency and agility that would not otherwise be possible.

Cloud Computing platforms, such as Amazon AWS, provide the means to reimagine media tools and applications. It is now possible to build an entire virtual workplace, including media storage and transport, with enough compute power to enable processing-intensive applications such as color grading.

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