Broadcast workflows demand both reliable and flexible solutions. Streambox products provide rock solid transport, low latency, and a wide range of single and multichannel solutions. Our new format-flexible products support SDI, SRT, ST 2110, HEVC, AV1 and HSL, with sampling from 4:2:0 to 4:4:4 12-bit!

Live Video Contribution

Streaming high quality content for live events or breaking news and getting it to viewers can be a logistical and technical challenge. Streambox offers a number of innovative solutions with best in class transport reliability, support for SDI, SRT, ST 2110, HEVC, AV1 and the ability to send a signal to multiple destinations, including AWS for cloud workflows. Add IFB for a complete, no compromise solution for your REMI workflows.


Broadcast Cloud Workflows

Multi-Channel Encoder/Decoder for AWS provides real time video format conversions to SRT, ST 2110, AV1, HEVC and HLS. Signals can be sent to AWS CDI for M&E cloud workflows, directly to the broadcast center and streamed directly to a web browser.

Broadcast cloud

Video Backhaul

Streambox innovative and flexible products allow users to set up quickly and reliably transmit high quality media over a variety of low bandwidth connections. Reliable transport is ensured by network bonding between up to 5 different channels


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