Empower your AWS Creative Apps with Full Resolution Reference Monitoring, latency under 70ms and the ability to conduct review or remote session with multiple collaborators anywhere the world. Spectra VM can run on the same EC2 Instance as the Creative App, so it will not incur additional AWS costs. Spectra VM accepts input from AWS SaaS apps in a variety of formats, including full API integration, OpenF/X and AWS CDI.

Key Features

Color Accurate
Best in class color fidelity up to 4K 4:4:4 12-bit HDR

ACT-L3/L5 Optimized Codec
Deliver the highest quality, low bandwidth signal without fiber connections

AWS Optimized
Designed to run in AWS environments

Super Low Latency
Less than 70ms delivers an on-prem experience

Works with all Major Creative Apps
Adobe, Avid, DaVinci, Autodesk Flame and more

Pay as You Go
Subscription model makes it easier to expense costs directly to projects

Connect via AWS CDI

Spectra VM connects with an Autodesk Flame instance (or any other CDI source) over CDI and provides two independent output streams - one back to the Flame Artist for a reference feed and one to Streambox Cloud services to support remote collaboration. A CDI output provides a connection to AWS MediaServices. Spectra VM supports up to 4:4:4 12-bit and 16-ch audio with less than 70ms latency.


Spectravm cdi flame
Spectravm cdi

Connect via API or Open F/X

Not every AWS SaaS app can output CDI. In that case, Spectra VM is capable of connecting via a native API - Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier - or via OpenF/X in the case of Blackmagic DaVinci. To round things out, it will accept NDI 5 as well. Finally, Spectra VM can connect to AWS MediaLive and MediaConnect over AWS CDI.


Case Studies


Remote Production

Stream live content from remote locations and keep your production team in-house

Remote Collaboration

Engage with remote collaborators for review sessions without the hassle of travel schedules

Post Production Use Cases

Live Streaming

Reduce the cost and complexity of live events solutions that outperform satellite and microwave

Broadcast Solutions Use Cases