The Chroma X compact encoder/decoder provides near lossless video quality and secure, real-time, remote collaborative workflows. Chroma X supports HD and HDR-10 - ideal for streaming content in broadcast, enterprise, and post production workflows over public and private IP networks.

Key Features

Dual Stream Output
Source video can be streamed to two independent destinations with individual bitrates

Desktop Form Factor
Fits into any creative environment and easy to ship to remote employees or clients

Very Low Latency
133ms@ 4 frames w/30fps or 66.7 ms@ 4 frames w/60fps

Half-Duplex Encoder / Decoder
Flexibility means cost savings

Color Accurate
Best in class color fidelity up to 4K 4:4:4 12-bit with support for Dolby Vision

One-to-One or One-to-Many
Point-to-point over IP or with Streambox Sessions to support multiple remote clients

Available on our Pay-as-you-Go Ownership Plan!

Remote streaming workflows often involve various levels of signal quality, multiple destinations and use cases. The new capabilities of Chroma Solo streaming encoders help by providing two completely independent output streams, each of which can be configured to suit the client's requirements and situations where they have limited bandwidth connections.

The diagram below illustrates an example workflow that provides a high bitrate signal over a point-to-point IP connection and another, lower bitrate signal via Streambox Cloud to multiple collaborators and reviewers.

Chroma xhd dual stream


Remote Production

Stream live content from remote locations and keep your production team in-house

Remote Collaboration

Engage with remote collaborators for review sessions without the hassle of travel schedules

Post Production Use Cases

Live Streaming

Reduce the cost and complexity of live events solutions that outperform satellite and microwave

Broadcast Solutions Use Cases