Dolby vision

Streambox Connects with Dolby Vision

Streambox Chroma interoperability with Dolby Vision® enables new ways of working that up to now have not been possible. Now content producers gain remote review capabilities. Streambox helps to simplify workflows while reducing costs for real-time post-production collaboration including color grading, visual effects creation, and editorial reviews.

Remote Collaboration Made Simple

Using Streambox Chroma, it is possible to do remote reviews in full 4K DCI with Dolby Vision HDR. Streaming cinematic 4K DCI 12-bit PQ D65 HDR signals from remote locations becomes simple and cost-effective.

Chroma systems are configurable with SDI plus HDMI output even to 4K resolution performing HDR10 metadata insertion. Chroma also includes support for Dolby Vision HDMI tunneling for professional applications. Chroma units can be used with third party SDI to HDMI converters for tunneling with SDI-only units.

In other environments, Chroma decoding outputs Dolby metadata over SDI to a Dolby Content Mapping Unit (CMU) for mapped views.

Dolby Vision workflow

More workflow enhancements are possible through full support with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve and Autodesk Lustre ported for DolbyVision metadata extraction and delivery.

Streambox Chroma enables the ability to have a simultaneous SDR and HDR workflow for making crucial comparisons in real-time.