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Mixing Light Talks Streambox Solutions

Mixing Light reviews Streambox in their "Breaking Geographic Boundaries: Remote Grading Part 2" article tutorial. Streambox provides a range of products and solutions for post-production live reviews and for low latency video contribution. Popular among various post-production and studio companies across the globe, Streambox has driven its technology, products and solutions to provide collaborative tools for end-to-end post-production workflows.

Streambox has developed a new product line called the Streambox Chroma. This new product line is a modular upgradeable solution, from HD, 2K and 4K which supports low latency HDR and 12 bit 4:4:4 RGB encoding and decoding products. This new encoder/decoder rackmount series is fully upgradable and is based on the industry-leading ACT-L3/L5 codec for unrivaled performance, reliability, high quality and low latency. The Chroma rackmounts are best suited for broadcast and secure collaboration for post-production workflows.

The Chroma Rackmount series include HD, 2K and 4K systems. Made to be future-proof, Chroma can be upgraded any time using its software upgrade path. This new approach reduces costs and increases productivity. No longer will video editing and streaming professionals have to worry about buying new hardware each year. The Chroma upgrade path allows its users to upgrade their software as they see fit.