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4:4:4 Color Supported on Streambox Media Player for iOS

Streambox demonstrates iOS Media Player beta with 4:4:4 color support for post-production, broadcast and streaming applications requiring high-quality low latency video. Soon to be released iOS Media Player automatically pulls video from the Cloud or direct from any Streambox encoder.

Also known as the iOS NODE, the Media Player is a software ACT-L3 decoder for iPad and iPhone receiving IP video streams from Streambox encoders or from Streambox Cloud services. The NODE receives video data over any IP network and is well suited for point-to-point streaming or streams being pushed (routed to) or pulled from Streambox Cloud Services.

The iOS NODE supports up to 10 programmable channels. The ability to stream video to 10 separate channels allows you to receive direct streaming over more than one port. Channels can pull from Streambox Cloud services or from a Streambox Enterprise Server, and other channels can display multicast streams. Each channel can be assigned a unique name.

Selecting, deleting and adding a channel is accomplished with the easy user interface. To select a channel, simply press the desired channel from the list. To add a new channel, press the plus (+) sign in the upper right corner. This will open the Edit Channel page. See sections below for how to fill in the channel properties. To edit channel properties, select a channel from the list, then press the greater-than sign (>) icon.