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Picture Perfect Pixels for Post-Production Workflows

Streambox solutions enable live streaming with high quality and low latency for various post-production environments. Streambox offers systems for acquiring, transporting, and playing out streaming media. This document describes what are these components and how they can be combined in different ways depending on workflow requirements. Solutions for large and small productions, as well as advertising and creative agencies, are discussed.

Streambox Post Production Remote Workflow

Putting a complete Streambox solution in place permits organization to provide live reviews, color grading, and edit sessions collaboratively in real-time to multiple locations, anywhere.

4K, UHD, 2K, and HD content is input to Chroma hardware encoders via HD-SDI. The optimized Streambox ACT L3/L5 codec supports various frame rates and bit depths — even 12-bit, 4:4:4 RGB. Content can also contain HDR video in different standards and up to 16 channels of uncompressed audio.

Some environments may still need remote connectivity but have less stringent encoding requirements. In this case, Streambox software encoders for Mac OSX computer systems are used to live stream media content.

Unique to Streambox, is the low delay multi-path protocol (LDMP) for optimized performance on WiFi, 3G, 4G, and wired IP networks. Support for network bonding means transport has additional reliability and redundancy.

Transport can be configured to stream to a single destination, or to multiple points simultaneously. This could include point-to-point connection with a Streambox Media Player, or to multiple local and/or globally placed remote players using Streambox Enterprise Server or Streambox Cloud Services.

Transport management is included with Streambox Enterprise Server and Streambox Cloud Services. Enterprise Server works well for organizations that have a known number of clients on a single network, while Cloud Services adds the flexibility and scalability of establishing a robust first mile connection and use of reliable Cloud-based distribution to any number of designated destinations around the world.

The Streambox infrastructure can also provide full end-to-end AES 128-bit video encryption to protect valuable content no matter where it is being sent. The encryption does not increase latency or impact real-time collaboration.

There are a number of options for playing out streaming media content from Streambox as well. When the best performance is required, a Chroma hardware decoder can be used. A smaller, lower cost hardware option is the NODE media player. This is a small form factor device that includes up to 10 programmable channels with support for HDR and 6 channels of audio.

Streambox also offers software media players. There are players for both Windows and Mac-based computer systems. For a more mobile experience, Streambox offers a Mobile Media Player for iOS application for iPads and iPhones, with an Android version coming soon.

Smaller Productions

Many production workflows may only need to connect a post-production editor to one or a few users to attend live reviews or perform edit sessions collaboratively in real-time.

In this situation, media content can be encoded with a Streambox software encoder hosted even on the same computer system as a non-linear editor in HD, 2K, and UHD formats, or with a separate Chroma hardware encoder offering enhanced 12-bit, 4:4:4 RGB color.

The same transport reliability and performance implemented in larger productions along with support for multiple network types applies as well.

A simple workflow may be point-to-point to a single player connected to a review display. Where more locations are needed, Streambox Cloud Services can be used for streaming to multiple users. Cloud Services are available even on a project by project basis.

Just as with larger productions, users can have their choice of hardware, software, or application media players.

Advertising/Creative Agencies

Agencies have the need to collaboratively review work in progress and finished content with clients who are located remotely.

Content files are transferred to a Streambox software encoder or to a hardware Chroma encoder if advanced requirements are called for.

Streambox Cloud Services can be utilized to stream content to a single or to multiple locations. Streambox Cloud Services are available even on a project by project basis.

The transport and network mechanisms provided by Streambox are the same as with production workflows for streaming live content.

Clients can choose which type, or combination of Streambox Media Players including Windows, macOS, iOS, Node, or Chroma decoder is most suitable for their individual needs.