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Spectra Now Supports Unreal Engine!

Streambox is proud to announce support for Epic Games' Unreal Engine! Our Spectra encoder integrates with Unreal Engine's via Epic's API to enable a broad range of capabilities.

Spectra and Spectra VM support for Unreal Engine provides a high-quality, low-latency means for conducting remote collaboration sessions over IP for both Unreal Engine desktop and AWS cloud deployments. For Unreal Engine on AWS, Spectra also provides a reference quality feed from Unreal Engine back to the creative person with ultra-low latency at up to 4K DCI HDR 4:4:4 12-bit.

Spectra VM supports nDisplay at various stages of preproduction and we will soon be providing details on a number of different workflows for Virtual Production

LED wall image courtesy of Vū

Key Features

Integrates with Unreal Engine via Epic’s API

Up to 4K 4:4:4 12 bit (8K in the roadmap)

Windows and MacOS (Linux in the roadmap)

Support both Editor and nDisplay Node workflow

Provides a bridge to AWS CDI

On Prem Workflow

Here is an example of using Spectra to send the signal from Unreal Engine to remote collaborators and to a local or remote reference monitor, using Streambox Media Player for iPad Pro.

Unreal onset
Unreal aws2

Cloud Workflow

Unreal Engine can be deployed on an AWS EC2 instance and take advantage of scalable rendering resources. In this case, Spectra Vm will send a low latency, color accurate signal to the LED Processor, at up to 4K 4:4:4 12-bit!

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