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Chroma at Dolby 88 screening room in New York City

Streambox Chroma is now available at the Dolby 88 screening room in New York City. The system can be utilized for remote color, visual effects, editorial or audio post-production review sessions in real-time.

Using Streambox Chroma, it is possible to do remote reviews in full 4K DCI with DolbyVision HDR on a big screen for the first time. Streaming cinematic 4K DCI 12-bit PQ D65 HDR signals from remote locations such as Los Angeles, London, and other parts of the world is simple and cost-effective using Streambox Chroma. Systems are provisioned to work via Streambox Cloud Services through with a dozen servers strategically located around the globe positioned close to designated remote locations for reliable low latency video transport even over the public internet.

During a recent event, Streambox showcased a real-time 4K DCI HDR 4:4:4 stream from the Harbor Pictures offices. DolbyVision Tunneling was also presented as a workflow example for real-time HDR sessions from color edit stations to Streambox Chroma+ and then delivered to DolbyVision capable HDMI TVs or DolbyVison CMU (Content Mapping Unit).

More workflow enhancements are possible through full support with Blackmagic Davinci Resolve and Autodesk Lustre ported for DolbyVision meta-data extraction and delivery. Streambox is now in Dolby 88 theater NY. We thank Harbor Pictures for live 4K 4:4:4 12 bit streaming for today's live event and presentation. Having Streambox Chroma at Dolby 88 allows live reviews, color, and visual effect sessions from anywhere in the world. Post-production facilities across the globe incorporate high-quality, low-cost streaming media delivery solutions over even low-bandwidth IP connections with solutions by Streambox. Streambox Advanced Compression Technology codecs are optimized to process high motion, complex video at lower data rates using an advanced motion search feature.

Recently, Streambox included DolbyVision support to Streambox Chroma product lines, which simplifies post-production collaboration workflows while reducing costs.