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Streambox Used to Deliver News from Trump-Kim Summit

A leading US-based cable news network used Streambox Avenir Micro mobile live video encoders and Streambox Cloud Services for live interviews originating from Singapore to be delivered and monitored in Atlanta, Georgia.

Interfacing the Micro encoders to a local Singapore point of presence Cloud access point and transporting the feed through the Streambox managed cloud service, enabled reliable, full bandwidth video with no compromise in quality and minimal latency to provide two-way interview functionality.

Streambox Avenir Micro is a lightweight mobile live video encoder providing enhanced bonded connectivity capabilities with significantly more efficient encoding. The miniature, low-power device permits remote-field reporters to quickly set up and transmit full HD low latency video over a variety of network types.

Streambox Cloud Services provides global video transport for contribution, streaming, and distribution. Used for broadcasts and live video production, this reliable video transport includes automated routing and management tools and supports a variety of formats up to UHD/4K.

Watch an example of the interviews here.