Virtual Production, once relegated to static TV News Sets, is poised to bring amazing new capabilities to the film and broadcast industries. Significant reductions in tech and production costs, and the increased availability of VP-ready LED studios, is about to democratize VP. Our Streambox Spectra product for Unreal Engine adds new capabilities to the mix, with a high-quality, low-latency means for conducting remote collaboration sessions over IP for both on-set and AWS cloud deployments.

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Unreal spectra

Spectra is a high performance software encoder that connects to Unreal Engine via their API. It provides dual outputs, one of which can be sent to remote collaborators in support of Previs, Techvis, Onset, Postproduction, Quality control workflows. The other output can be used for local monitoring on an iPad running Streambox's free Media Player. When deployed on AWS, Spectra can also send the signal to AWS CDI and take advantage of the complete suite of AWS Media & Entertainment solutions.

Streambox Chroma provides some additional capabilities by taking video from either Unreal Engine or the camera and sending it to as many as four different locations. One interesting application that is gaining popularity is to forward the video to a remote LED stage.

Unreal chroma dual



Support for 4K 4:4:4 HDR 12-bit means your remote collaborators / reviewers get to see your work the way you meant it to be seen.

Very Low Latency

Our ACT-L3 and ACT-L5 advanced codecs are highly efficient, which helps us achieve some of the lowest latencies in the industry.

Best-in-Class Color

Our systems support all major color gamut standards, so you get to see Rec 709, for example, instead of a web browser / computer monitor (mis)interpretation.

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