Flexible remi workflows

Flexible REMI Workflows

Streambox is best known for providing streaming solutions with the best color fidelity and the most reliable, lowest latency transport. We also provide the industry’s most agile streaming products, which range from single channel desktop form factor to multichannel rackmount systems.

This article explores several different REMI scenarios using two of our most popular and flexible products: Chroma Multi-Channel and Micro 3. Both systems employ our Emmy Award winning codecs, provide half duplex operation and offer a variety of configuration options, including full duplex for Micro 3.

As the name suggests, Chroma Multi Channel provides four independent half duplex HD channels in a rackmount package. When used as an encoder, each output provides two streams, each of which can be configured separately, so you can adjust things like bit rate and destination IP to suit your application.

Micro 3 is a low cost, desktop HD encoder/decoder that can be configured as either half duplex or full duplex. It supports WiFi, Cellular and SNG connections with our award-winning network bonding technology to provide best-in-class transport reliability. CNN uses these extensively in their remote bureaus!

Chroma Multi Channel, combined with a number of Micro 3s in various configurations, provides super reliable and super flexible solutions for your REMI workflows. The following sections illustrate a few typical applications.

Multi Camera Remote

One of the more common REMI workflows is multi-camera setups at a remote location, like a sports arena, with all camera feeds being sent to a broadcast center production switcher. This approach allows for a smaller a remote crew: camera ops and perhaps a local reporter/commentator. All production personnel and equipment are in the broadcast center, including the TD, with communications between the two sites handled over IFB. The overall workflow is pretty much the same as a classic control room and studio situation, except the studio is located remotely.

Multi camera remi

One obvious issue is the need for synchronizing the four feeds. We have that covered without the need for frame synchronizers or other complications, since Chroma multichannel will sync all of the outputs to one of its decoder inputs or using an external reference (black burst or tri-sync).

Remote Production with High Frame Rate Cameras

A new version of our Chroma Multi Channel encoder is currently in beta and has successfully streamed the output of a Sony Ultra High Frame camera during a trial at a major live sporting event. A 240 fps HD output from the camera's CCU was encoded and sent to a broadcast facility as a part of an enhanced REMI workflow. This promises to be a truly exciting product for live sports production and more!

Hfr camera
Send a 240 fps signal from a sports arena to the broadcast facility

Since the bitrate coming from the camera is so high, the camera CCU splits it up into 3 separate SDI feeds. These are connected to a Streambox Multi Channel encoder and streamed to the Broadcast center where another Multi Channel system in decoder mode receives the 3 signals and sends them on to a SloMo playout system. This setup once again reduces the amount of equipment and operators required at the remote site.

Cloud Based REMI Workflows

Back on the theme of “flexibility,” Streambox products provide solutions for AWS workflows. Every Streambox encoder, including Micro 3, can stream to AWS. Our SaaS Bridge application receives the signal and passes it on to AWS CDI, which then connects to the entire range of AWS Media Live services and other facilities, such as storage that can be used for On Demand playout.

Remote news gathering

Bridge for CDI is a very powerful tool that allows you to take advantage of many useful AWS Media Services, including sending video to social networks and outputting JPEG XS, amongst many other features. Our Bridge product also supports ‘air-gapped’ workflows, so that same signal can be sent to other AWS instances anywhere in the world.

If you are in the NYC area, stop by the AWS M&E Customer Experience Center and get a live demonstration of AWS and Streambox cloud solutions.

Point to Point

Not every remote workflow requires multiple video feeds. If you have a single source and a single destination, a pair of Micro 3s will do the trick. To keep things as simple as possible you can even forgo connecting through a cloud server by using our free Point-to-Point transport scheme. You could also use a free Streambox Media Player on the receiving end and make it even more convenient for your client. Our media player runs on iOS, macOS, Apple TV and Windows - iPad Pro is a particularly good choice given its professional color profiles.

Point to point
Great solution for simple one-to-one workflows - perfect for backhauls!

Simply send a code from the source device to the receiving side, enter the code and connect using a “Broker” – no IT department required and no data costs.

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