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Jonathan Bloom Streams Live Video with Streambox for CES 2019

Jonathan Bloom uses Streambox solutions to broadcast reliable live HD video in the field for CES 2019. Jonathan is a television news innovator who joined the ABC 7 team and strives to tell better stories through the use of technology. For the past few months, Jonathan has been a one-man machine, writing, filming, editing, and reporting live news for his viewers. Being on the lookout to find a better way to effectively respond to breaking news more quickly, Jonathan reached out to Streambox for a solution.

Streambox, being in the business of live video, came up with a solution for Jonathan. Using the AVENIR Micro, which is a mobile live video encoder, Jonathan could stream either live 360 video or normal HD video to Facebook. The AVENIR Micro is able to do this over WiFi or by using the embedded 3G/4G modem module installed in its hardware. The video stream is then sent to Streambox's cloud service, Streambox Cloud, which then is able to archive and send live video to social media. Furthermore, the Micro is able to switch between different cell towers owned by different cellular networks (AT&T, Verison, Sprint, etc.) in order to maintain the best quality and reliable video.