Strong encrytion

Encryption for Your Live Video

Video Encryption

First-class Line of Defense for all Secure Video

Streambox now offers secure video encryption for live, archived, and saved videos. The wide use of digital images and videos in various applications brings serious attention to security and privacy issues. Data encryption is a suitable method to protect this data.

Point to Point

Point to point 4
Point to multi 2

Point to multi-point


Strong Encryption

We employ 128-bit AES encryption to protect your content and offer a higher level 256-bit version for certain areas of the world. Both are approved by the National Security Agency (NSA)!

AES‐128 bit Standard Algorithm
Provides a very high level of data security.

Advanced Compression Technology
Streambox ACT‐L3 allows for faster encoding with lower latency.

No Back Doors
Streambox Encryption Add‐on uses symmetric‐key encryption.

Salted Key Storage
Nearly impossible to decode encryption keys.