Spectra CDI Monitoring Workflow

Live Monitoring for CDI Workflows

Streambox announces a major new update to SpectraVM, its class-leading virtual encoder for AWS Media Services!

SpectraVM now provides a bridge between cloud-deployed creative apps, such as BlackMagic DaVinci, Adobe Premier, Unreal Engine, etc., and AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), a network technology that allows you to transport high-quality uncompressed video inside the AWS Cloud, with high reliability and network latency as low as 8 milliseconds.

This new development enables popular creative apps to take advantage of CDI-based signal distribution without the need for native CDI support, and offers a number of opportunities to build live video workflows with select AWS Media Services, products from AWS Partners, and offerings from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). It also supports "air-gapped" workflows, where applications are deployed on different AWS zones.

In addition to creating a bridge to CDI, SpectraVM provides two additional outputs: a full resolution, reference-quality feed back to the creative's desktop with latency as low as 70ms and a secondary feed that can be used to conduct collaborative sessions over IP.

This new version of Spectra VM is currently in beta.

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