Chroma updates

Major Update for Chroma Products

Streambox has announced a major update for its Chroma and Halo product lines, adding a broad range of new features and enhanced usability for Chroma 4K, UHD, 2K, HD, Chroma X, and Halo.

Completely New User Interface

New Standard Features

Online Activation: purchase or renew product licenses online

Down Conversion: convert high-res encoder source to a lower resolution for delivery

Output Options for Decoders: change various attributes such as color space, frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.

V-ANC pass through: support for sending closed captions, time code, etc.

LTC/VITC: both time code formats supported on the V-ANC channel

P2P Connections: conduct sessions using your private server or a direct connection from Encoder to Decoder

Switch Modes: easy reconfigure system for single, multichannel and full duplex modes

Blackmagic Config: reconfig Blackmagic settings directly from the Streambox interface

IFB Clent Support: enhanced connection to Streambox IFB Server to receive an audio stream for foldback or monitoring

REST API: allows developers to create custom UIs or embed Streambox Chroma controls into their own UI

Colorist UI: simplified web interface for Colorists, Editors and other Creatives to create and share session info and get streaming fast

The new features listed above are available now for new purchases. Existing systems covered under the Streambox Bronze Support agreement can be upgraded to support these new features!

New Product Options

Pull Stream (P2P) Sessions for Encoder - encoders can generate a Session ID which will create a single, direct point-to-point stream to a Streambox Decoder, without the usual need to configure a firewall.

Full-Duplex Streaming - Chroma Encoders can be configured to allow both Encoder and Decoder software to run simultaneously, allowing simultaneous sending and receiving.

Dual-channel encoding - create two Encoder output channels for a single video source and apply different quality settings and destinations.

Multi Channel encoding (multiple inputs) - create 2 or more Encoder outputs for each input. (Number of channels is limited by input hardware; resolution of channels may be limited by hardware as well.)

Multi Channel decoding - Creates 2 or more Decoder channels to allow the same hardware to receive and output multiple streams. (Number of channels is limited by output hardware.)

Sync Decoder Manager - streams arriving at a Multi Channel Decoder can be locked in sync.

In addition to the all of the above, the new release includes a number of general improvements, better and more efficient codecs and enhanced security. See the details list for more information or get in touch with one of our Sales & Support Specialists using the handy form below.

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