Nab 2023

NAB 2023 Preview

We are super excited to be showcasing a range of new technology for streaming and cloud-based workflows at NAB! Come visit us at booth W3421J and be sure check out our latest AWS offerings at Amazon AWS booth W1701.


Spectra Support for Unreal Engine

Spectra and Spectra VM support for Unreal Engine provides a high-quality, low-latency means for conducting collaborative sessions over IP for both Unreal Engine desktop and AWS cloud deployments, at up to 4K DCI HDR 4:4:4 12-bit.

Spectra supports both Viewport and nDisplay for Previs, Techvis, Onset, Postproduction and QC workflows.

Dual Channel Outputs

Streambox encoders now provide dual encoded outputs from a single source each of which supports independent signal presets and destinations, e.g. stream output 1 as point-to-point 12-bit HDR for reference and stream output 2 as SDR to remote collaborators. Streambox Chroma products take this a step further with full duplex capabilities for HD and UHD.

Dual stream

Ultra Low Latency

All Streambox encoders/decoders now have improved latency of 2 frames, achieving an end-to-end latency of 70ms-130ms depending on source frame rate!

CDI Bridge for AWS

A multi-channel encoder and decoder for AWS that supports AWS CDI, NDI and ACT-L3/L5, providing realtime video format conversions for flexible workflows, latency and optimal streaming.


Expanded Support for NDI

Spectra now provides expanded compatibility with different NDI enabled apps for improved stability and A/V sync, including 16-bit capture to enable 10/12 bit encoding modes for SDI sources

Blackmagic A/V Monitoring

Now you can simultaneously stream with Spectra and output a reference signal to a connected Blackmagic Device. This works for NDI Sources, Adobe, Avid and Unreal Engine and supports HDR signaling to your HDMI monitor.

Point to point

Point-to-Point Streaming

Streambox cloud-deployed Spectra VM and Bridge products and all Streambox hardware encoders now provide as easy way to collaborate using a point-to-point connection via Streambox broker services, which eliminates cloud-data costs and greatly simplifies session setup.