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NAB Recap

NAB 2023 was a smashing success - catching up with old friends and making lots of new ones - and particularly for the amazing experience of having our technology in the AWS booth, showcasing Virtual Production with Unreal Engine and cloud-based Editorial workflows with Adobe creative products.

The Big Leagues

We were over the moon to be part of the AWS virtual production demos! Streambox Sales Engineer Cody Dao hams it up in front of "Cloudia", a very cool prop, emblazoned with the logos of AWS partners- including us!


Unreal Engine & Streambox

It was a truly unreal experience for us to hook up with Unreal Engine for some virtual production workflows with our Spectra and Spectra VM technology. Spectra serves as a software plugin for Unreal for both on-set and AWS-deployed situations. In both cases, Spectra supports live remote reviews and also provides a color accurate signal for monitoring during live production or preproduction activities.

Latency, video quality and signal reliability are all key factors in these situations. Streambox technology is trusted by major media organizations throughout the world for both everyday post and mission critical productions. Latency is 70ms-130ms (depending on frame rate), video quality goes up to 4K 4:4:4 12-bit and reliability is rock solid and jitter free, thanks to LDMP, our Emmy Award winning transport protocol.

Content Production

Another section of the AWS booth demonstrated the benefits of content production in the cloud. Aside from the obvious benefits associated with WFH, AWS offers scalability and ease of deployment at a level that is virtually impossible to realize otherwise.

This AWS demo paired Streambox Spectra VM with Adobe Premier & After Effects. The editor used a Teradici PCoIP client to interact with Premier/AE; Spectra VM integrates with Adobe via their native API and provides a color accurate, low latency feed back to the editor

Avid streambox content production

Meanwhile, back at the Streambox Booth...

We also had our own booth, where we presented some major upgrades and cool new features for our broadcast and post production products.

Dual Channel Outputs

Streambox encoders now provide dual encoded outputs from a single source, each of which supports independent signal presets and destinations, e.g. stream output 1 as point-to-point 12-bit HDR for reference and stream output 2 as SDR to remote collaborators. Streambox Chroma products take this a step further with full duplex capabilities for HD and UHD.

Dual stream

Point-to-Point Connections

Streambox cloud-deployed Spectra VM and Bridge products and all Streambox hardware encoders now offer an easy way to collaborate using a point-to-point connection via Streambox broker services, which eliminates cloud-data costs and greatly simplifies session setup - no need for port forwarding and wrestling with firewalls!

Point to point

Support for NDI & SRT

Spectra now supports NDI 16-bit capture for compatibility with NDI enabled apps and to improve stability & A/V sync. We also plan to support SRT later this year, making Spectra even more agile and attractive as the go-to universal streaming encoder.

Ndi srt