Spectra mac OS update

Spectra for macOS with 3D LUTs

Streambox has announced support for 3D LUTs on Spectra for macOS, in a major new software update!

Spectra now supports custom 3D LUTs, which can eliminate the need for an external LUTs boxes. This feature works end-to-end across your workflow with compatible Streambox media players and decoders. Simply upload a standard .cube file and specify a few configuration settings. Oh, and this cool new feature works on the SaaS cloud version of Spectra as well! Check out our complete technical guide for more details.

Spectra control panel provides complete control over signal range (Full or Legal) and Color Space Matrix (Rec.601, Rec.709, or Rec.2020), and ColorProfile (4:2:2 or 4:4:4).

3d luts

Spectra 3DLUTS for macOS is available now - update your version to 1.3.9 or get in touch with one of our solutions experts to find out how you can get a trial version of Spectra.

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