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Streambox adds Dolby Vision support for Chroma, Chroma X and NODE 2

Streambox is adding Dolby Vision support to Chroma and Chroma X real-time media transport systems and also to NODE 2 media player devices.

Streambox Chroma and NODE 2 interoperability with Dolby Vision enables new ways of working that up to now have not been possible. Now content producers gain remote review capabilities with Dolby Vision using either digital video metadata drop off from a remote location to a Dolby CMU, or HDMI tunneling directly to digital video monitors without the need for a CMU. Streambox helps to simplify workflows while reducing costs for post-production collaboration including color grading and visual effects creation.

The Streambox Chroma series of advanced performance streaming media solutions for encoding and decoding not only support HDR as a standard feature but there are configurations to process higher quality 4:4:4 RGB/XYZ 12-bit video for Dolby Vision with up to 4K, DCI and UHD resolutions including 3D.

Chroma X is a software-defined encoder and decoder packaged as a small form factor device made available as a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. The Chroma X device is based on the same Linux software and ACT-L5 Codec as Chroma rackmount systems.

Streambox Chroma can be configured with SDI plus HDMI output even to 4K resolution, performing HDR10 metadata insertion, and now adds support for Dolby Vision HDMI tunneling for professional applications. Both Chroma and Chroma X units can be used with third-party SDI to HDMI converters for tunneling with SDI-only units. Chroma decoding also outputs Dolby metadata over SDI to a Dolby Content Mapping Unit (CMU) for mapped views.

NODE 2 is a flexible small form factor media player device supporting ten programmable video channels for cost-effective viewing on connected high-resolution screens and displays in real-time. NODE includes an HDMI output for easy connectivity. NODE also supports Dolby Vision Tunneling with full range RGB. NODE offers a low-cost remote viewing solution for post-production review with Dolby Vision including color grading.

Streambox is demonstrating the full range of Dolby Vision compatibility at NAB 2019 in the Marriott Residence Inn across from the Las Vegas Convention Center.