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Streambox Announces New Product Pricing Model

Introducing a pay-as-you-go plan for video professionals

Software has traditionally been purchased outright or included in the cost of a hardware product. Software Subscriptions, a fundamental shift in the way software is delivered, has changed the outdated ownership model with a subscription model that delivers a new level of flexibility and agility.

How it Works

Purchase one or more of the streaming encoder/decoder products listed below. Since the software has been decoupled from the hardware platform, the capital expense for hardware is a fraction of the original system price. Now that you own the hardware you can rent the software on a monthly basis. Pause the subscription in between projects and reinstate it as needed! By renting software for a fixed period, creatives gain the ability to take on jobs where the previous model of having to pay outright for technology might have been impractical.

Benefits of software subscriptions

  • Ensured of always having the latest security and feature sets
  • Move from a capital expense to an operating expense
  • Eliminate expense and need for support agreements
  • Subscription costs are predictable, making it easier to charge software costs directly to client projects and forecast for the future
  • The ability to ramp operating costs up or down based on need

Products Included in the New Program