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Streambox @ AWS re:Invent

Streambox technology plays an integral part in AWS Virtual Reality presentation at AWS re:Invent 2023

We are truly honored to be part of AWS's 12th annual re:Invent event, which takes place November 27 through December 1, featuring keynotes, innovation talks, builder labs, workshops, demos, service announcements, and much more.

This massive event - with attendance estimated at around 60,000! - will dispel any doubt that Cloud Computing is a sea change for the way media professionals create and distribute content.

Streambox provides products for AWS deployed applications and connected ground-based activities. Two of our products are in use at the Virtual Production center: SpectraVM in the cloud and a Chroma Multi-Channel decoder on the ground.

Spectrachroma reinvent

In this scenario, SpectraVM is connected to Unreal Engine on AWS and provides a super low-latency monitoring feed over IP back to production crew. SpectraVM provides two independent outputs, so a second feed could be directed to AWS Media Live for additional capabilities or feed our CDI Bridge product to support air-gapped workflows and more.

The signal from SpectraVM is received by a Chroma Multichannel decoder that feeds a reference quality monitor. It can also provide secondary feeds to support remote collaborators or a remote screening room.

This diagram above shows one of many possible workflows using a combination of both virtual and physical Streambox products. Reach out to us to learn more about why the world's largest media organization rely on Streambox technology!

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