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Streambox Chroma Supports Native Color Space

Streambox is pleased to announce Native RGB/XYZ support for Streambox Chroma rackmounts. Chroma is the latest rackmount model from Streambox with support for HD, 2K, 4K, 12G-SDI, Encryption, and other features tailored for post-production workflows and broadcast contribution. Chroma is an industry leader with ACT-L5 and support for 12-bit 4:4:4 coding.

We provide SDI signals in 12 or 10-bit RGB, 4:4:4 mode:

  • Native RGB or XYZ color space will be encoded natively, avoiding any color conversion. This is a unique feature of Streambox Chroma and is well suited for high color precision HDR/Rec. 2020 or DCI-P3 workflows in 12-bit, or for direct output to projectors.
  • DCI, Inter-component Color Transform (ICT), RGB transform is well suited for DCI-P3 workflows. This provides more efficient encoding vs native RGB/XYZ with modest color precession cost. On the decoder side, DCI-ICT will be converted to 10 or 12-bit RGB. It can be used for lower bitrate 10-bit HDR work as well.
  • Supports Rec.709 Full range standard for FHD broadcast is the most efficient color transform for episodic TV workflow. On the decoder side, the video coding will be converted back to RGB.

So ask yourself, why deal with transformation artifacts when you can edit and color code within the native colorspace?