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Live Streaming of Cinematic-Quality Video with Streambox

Streambox has completed a demonstration of streaming 2K RBG 4:4:4 12-bit video at 50 Mbps over the public Internet from Instinctual VFX in Los Angeles to the Dolby theater screening room in London.

Using Streambox Chroma encoder/decoders and Streambox Cloud Services, a cinema-quality video was acquired and transported to a large screen display with no compromise in quality, and with the latency of fewer than 2 seconds with no optimization required. This same combination could also be used to send to multiple locations around the world.

Streambox Chroma with picture-perfect pixels provides secure, real-time, remote, collaborative workflows for post-production professionals. Chroma offers low latency HD, 2K, and UHD/4K video over public and private IP networks. Producers, engineers, and colorists are able to deliver real-time services with a real bottom line advantage for color grading, remote editorial, and live reviews.

Streambox Cloud Services provides global video transport for contribution, streaming, and distribution. Services include collaboration tools designed for post-production and other use cases. Users are able to send private session invitations, share encrypted content, and conduct group review sessions to share high quality, low latency video. Reliable video transport services include automated routing and management tools, and support for a variety of formats up to UHD/4K.