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Streambox Introduces Major Updates at HPA 2024

Streambox unveils a number of product enhancements and a brand new streaming server. Read on for all of the details and, if you are attending HPA, please stop by to say "hey"!

Streambox products are known for their uncompromising performance and are relied upon by organizations both large and small in a wide variety of workflows, including post production, content contribution and virtual production. More recently, are products are being used to interconnect multi-regional facilities so they can share unique capabilities across all of their locations and interact with their client base.

Our flexible range of streaming encoders and decoders include hardware models that range from rackmount, multi-channel devices to software-only solutions that integrate directly with creative apps. That same software technology can be deployed as SaaS apps to operate in the cloud, with special features that support and enhance AWS M&E workflows, including virtual production.

We are also known for regular product updates that keep pace with the ever-evolving needs of the amazing creative folks in both Post and Broadcast. Please read on to learn what's new!

New Products

StreamOn Server

We are introducing a new streaming server! It is a super capable software application that runs on Linux, so you have the option to roll your own, deploy on a third party hosted server or on AWS. Running on your own server means no data charges, so StreamOn Server is both feature rich and budget friendly. It supports one-to-many sessions, is easy to setup and includes free activation for Spectra & Chroma OpEX users!

Chroma Multi-Channel

This is built on the award-winning Chroma platform with some awesome additional capabilities.

The base model is a half-duplex, 4 Ch HD Encoder/Decoder with multi-sync support and the option to go full duplex. It can also convert to a single channel 4K 12 bit 4:4:4 encoder/decoder. In both cases you get full support for 16-channels of audio, timecode and V-ANC.

The UI is built on React JS and can be user-customized to fit in with existing custom control panels/systems.

Spectra CDI

This new version of SpectraVM includes the same support for all popular SaaS apps - e.g. Resolve, Unreal, etc. - but the output is limited to CDI only (see diagram below). This version comes with a lower price point than the standard Spectra VM because there is no support for reference monitoring or remote sessions.

Spectra Updates

Our high-performance software encoder continues to evolve. Spectra is a game-changing streaming encoder that integrates with your applications and media sources, both on prem and in the cloud. The diagram below shows an example of a workflow with a variety of cloud-based applications.

Spectra takes the output of the app and provides up to three different outputs: a reference feed back to the colorist/editor, another to one or more remote collaborators, and one to AWS CDI to feed AWS M&E applications.

Spectra plugins cdi

Spectra is available for a broad range of popular applications and workflows. Here are some recent updates:

Spectra for Pro Tools

  • Now available on the Cloud (Windows)

  • ASIO 16 channels driver from Streambox

  • Audio and HDR Video (Windows and Mac)

  • Special audio only mode (Windows and Mac)

Spectra for Unreal Engine

  • Multi-camera streaming

  • Support for multi channel audio

Spectra for Davinci Resolve

  • ASIO 16 channels driver from Streambox

  • Dual plugin workflow for color and editing

  • AWS CDI output (16-ch audio w/HDR 4K 4:4:4)

Hope to see you at HPA 2023! You can book an appointment during Innovation Zone hours.