Cloud Session

Streambox Sessions Streamlines Remote Collaboration

Streambox is introducing a simple and cost-effective way to connect media professionals who require remote, real-time collaboration of high quality, color-rich, content across multiple locations without reviewers needing a Cloud account or needing to connect with Streambox Cloud directly.

Streambox Sessions makes digital media production collaboration easy for post-production, broadcast, and other media organizations. Sessions is ideal for offsite producers, directors, colorists, editors, advisors, and others who need to participate in productions no matter where they are located.

Once a streaming session is set up and scheduled using the Streambox Cloud Server web app with administrator level access, a Session ID is generated. This ID code is sent out to everyone with a Streambox media player or decoder. All anyone who is collaborating on the project needs to do is enter the code in the Session ID field of their Streambox Media Player or decoder, and they are immediately connected and ready for real-time review with no need for setup, managing the network, or performing configurations. Once streaming begins from a Streambox Encoder to the Session, all connected collaborators see the video stream on their Streambox media players and decoders.

Streambox Sessions works with Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR, and software encoders on the origination side, and Chroma, Chroma X, AVENIR Micro 2, NODE, Streambox Player, Streambox Player Pro, and Mobile Media Player for iOS as media players.

This quick-to-set-up and easy-to-use model is also cost-effective as the host organization only pays for what they use. Organizations can purchase a set amount of data through the Streambox online store or by contacting Streambox sales.

More media professionals are discovering the benefits of streaming in their workflows. By offering a service that is low on cost and complexity, Streambox make this capability even easier for organizations to adopt and utilize on a regular basis.