Streaming Solution for Production Dailies

Television and theatrical projects can take place anywhere in the world. To manage budgets, it is crucial to minimize the time needed for reviews and approvals. While long gone are the days of having to ship media around, the next advance of posting files for download still suffers from a lack of immediacy.

Now live review sessions can be scheduled for all key stakeholders to participate no matter where everyone is located. Using one of the Streambox encoder systems on location by an originator such as an editor, colorist, effects creator, or audio engineer, live reviews can be easily conducted on a daily basis. For organizations that have an ongoing Streambox Cloud Services account, a review time is scheduled, and everyone involved log-ins to the account and receives a high-quality media stream in real-time. An alternative method for reviews is to use a Streambox Sessions package. In this case, connectivity is provided on an as-needed, case-by-case basis. The originator generates a code and sends it to everyone who will be part of the review. Reviewers enter the code and the originator sends out the stream.

Directors, producers, and other reviewers have flexible choices in how they can receive streams of dailies content. The most versatile manner is to use an iOS tablet or smartphone device over a Wi-Fi connection. Streambox has software players for macOS and Windows computers, and hardware decoder devices when there is the need to view material on reference monitors and hear multi-channel audio.

Unique to Streambox solutions is superior image fidelity with the ability to support up to 4K DCI resolutions and a variety of HDR color profiles- even on certain tablets and smartphones. Streambox technology also provides reliable performance with high efficiency, low latency transport even over public Internet connections.

Projects such as a theatrical release or television series can involve a significant period of time to complete. This makes it highly likely that the principals are going to be moving between locations during the project timeline. Streambox offers effective solutions for reviewing dailies with fast and easy setup, as well as flexibility in reliable remote viewing from anywhere using different types of platforms.